EarthCraft Shop


What is EarthCraft Shop?

Nutritional foodline that has recrafted the ‘indulgence’ food products to make them “Superfoods” and ”Supertaste”.

The foods that love you and the environment to ensure that you are in perfect harmony with nature and in the ‘green’ of your health.

All products are Vegan and Whole foods with zero chemical processing. Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Cruelty free, Refined sugar free, Egg Free, Chemical additives free, Preservatives free and Ethically packaged.

Safe for pregnant, lactating women and infants. Safe for people with Lactose intolerance and celiac disease

These “Superfoods” are especially high in minerals,which is critical for the optimum functioning of various physiological processes -

Calcium and Phosphorus for healthy bones and Teeth,Potassium for healthy nerves and muscles, Magnesium for healthy heart and immunity, Manganese for regulating hormones and metabolism.


Why EarthCraft Shop?

  1. High on taste and nutrition
  2. Boosts immunity, mental and physical acuity
  3. Stabilizes blood sugar
  4. Lowers gut inflammation
  5. Fights mental fog and depression

  1. Special formulation to assist quick absorption of nutrients
  2. Elevates mood
  3. Weight management and maintenance
  4. Cruelty free and safe for the environment

This service is coming soon

  1. Vegan Omega Chunks
  2. Vegan Cheese
  3. Vegan Mineral Butter
  4. Vegan Mineral Shake
  5. Vegan Coffee Mineral Shake
  6. Vegan Nuggets
  7. Vegan Mineral Chocolate

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