Blink Hearts

Blink hearts logoWhat is Blink Hearts ?

It’s a virtual currency. You can earn and spend it only through this app. The more you earn and spend, the richer you get and this world becomes a better place.

An SLSV product. Click here  to download the app.


How to earn Blink Hearts ?

You can earn BLINK by using various features of the app such as :

  • Sharing of campaigns
  • Donating
  • Taking BLINK selfies
  • Sharing

Each activity has a Blink  assigned to it


How do I spend Blink Hearts ?

By choosing from a wide array of lifestyle, education and entertainment products and services available on this app.

Each product / service has a Blink heart value assigned to it.


How do I keep score?

Your private User profile lists your Blink Hearts tally and transaction history. The dynamic leaderboard gives your ranking vis-à-vis other users of the App.


Why Blink Hearts ?

  • Blink Selfies are the answer: Millennial are driven with the primary motivation to see immediate impact of their efforts and want to be SEEN doing it. BLINK Selfies appeals to the social acceptability and leadership needs of the Millennial.
  • Millennials want brands : Millennial choose, engage and support causes THEY care about and reward brands

  • They reward companies:  Blink Hearts is a high reach, engaging and viral marketing platform for brands. Promote , showcase brands, hire, enlist as volunteers, test market , interact and influence the most influential consumer group – Millennials

  • Millennial are donors : Blink Hearts is a new age DIGITAL PLATFORM for Social Causes/Social Enterprises/Charities/Foundations to make the campaigns go viral through the unbeatable power of social media + Millennials. Garner support, endorsements, funding by appealing to millennials’ need for simplicity, information, experience and transparency.


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