Blink Hearts

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What is BlinkHearts?

BlinkHearts is an app which you can use for a better purpose. It consists of features like clicking selfies, sharing and supporting causes,  as well as purchasing products.

It’s a virtual currency. You can earn and spend it only through this app. The more you earn and spend, the richer you get and this world becomes a better place.

BlinkHearts is an SLSV Product. Be the first to experience the BlinkHearts app. To get a demo and for further enquiries feel free to contact us.

Why BlinkHearts?

Because you are driven with the primary motivation to see immediate impact of your efforts to bring about change. And you want to be SEEN doing it, so as to encourage & empower others to do the same.

You get the chance to engage with causes you care about and get rewarded with BlinkHearts for supporting your causes. Encash BLINKHEARTS against brand offers, get hired or volunteer with the companies/NGOs

BLINKHEARTS delivers simplicity, information, experience and transparency as you make this world a better place, one click at a time

How to earn BlinkHearts?

You can earn BLINKHEARTS by using various features of the app such as:

Sharing of cause campaigns. Every share counts as the spread of word begins with you. You get rewarded BlinkHearts for every share!

Volunteering towards cause campaigns. Play your part in becoming a contributor to society. BlinkHearts helps you reach out even to unreachable parts of society from your comfort zone.

Click & share BLINK selfies to support various campaigns. Show your support to your family, friends and loved ones.  Earn more blink hearts by sharing your BLINK selfies!

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