The problem of diminishing wildlife habitats

Overpopulation of tigers in their reserves, rhinos in Kaziranga and lions in Gir, compounded by the reduction of habitat is alarming



Tigers are very tough to relocate as they cause conflict in the new areas—with tigers in residence and peripheral villages. Photo courtesy: Mithun Hanagund

The biggest threat to wildlife conservation is inadequate habitat. Some people realize this, but it’s not in our face like the photo of a dead rhino bleeding, with its horn chopped off, and hence the major concern is on poaching instead of the larger threat of habitat destruction. More rhinos are born than are killed by poachers.

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An eye on the future, Indian startups & companies keen to work towards sustainability

India is ranked 117 of 157 countries on the 2017 Sustainable Development Goals Index, trailing behind Nepal, Iran, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan. It is time startups show the way towards sustainability in collaboration with corporates.

Rohan Shenoy and Puja Aarti are sweating it out in the barren lands of North Bengaluru. They are working with builders to create sustainable housing. Their toil as architects and founders of BuildInn (formerly Crush Mango) is met with little interest from legacy builders.

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We travelled to India to learn about social enterprise initiatives that are taking place in the South of the country. We arrived to Madurai airport on the 28th June, and one of the founders of Madurai Craft Studio, Ashokkumar Goshi, was waiting for us there. This recently established social enterprise designs, develops and produces Eco-friendly products for regional and international markets. Madurai Craft Studio aims at mixing the traditional arts & crafts with modern innovative techniques to produce authentic quality products.


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The ONGC signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Indian Mountaineering Federation (IMF) for cleaning the Himalayas as part of the Swachchh Bharat fortnight. Titled ‘Cleanathon Himalaya’, this corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme of ONGC aims to clean three source tributaries of river Ganga — the Bhagirathi, Alaknanda and Pindari.

The campaign was flagged off in the presence of the ONGC human resource director DD Misra, CSR chief SSC Parthiban, IMF president Col HS Chauhan and other senior officials from ONGC and IMF.

The cleaning of source tributaries of the Ganges has been undertaken by ONGC to take the Government’s flagship cleanliness programme to the Himalayas – A first by any corporate.

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Education is the key to success. An old phrase but a weapon to eradicate poverty and issues like child marriage, sexual harassment and many more in country like India. From history to today education is the only technique to suppress many social evil issues which have deep rooted in our society. One is Child Marriage especially when it comes to girl education.


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IIT-M launches new fund raising platform through alumni

The Indian Institute of Technology-Madras today launched a new fund raising platform for raising endowment funds through alumni. The new platform was launched on the occasion of ‘Alumnite’ held to welcome the 2017 batch, which graduated on Friday into the Alumni fold, the ‘Joy of Giving to IITM’, which was intended to aid IIT-M’ journey towards global distinction in the fields of engineering education and research.

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It was in March 2015 that two young girls, twins rather(who look nothing alike!), barely even teenagers, transformed their nag for baking into an idea for social change. Ex-students of Step by Step World School, Noida, Mahek and Muskaan have always had an innate love for baking. This was encouraged by their mother, Sonia Arora who is a practicing Pranic Healer, also involved with charitable organizations at the voluntary level.

What started as a love for baking, soon became an idea that not only transformed hundreds of lives of underprivileged and disease-struck children but, is now a voluntary movement that provides a healthy and accessible platform to thousands of other children who love to bake and want to use it to bring change in the society.

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The Star wins prestigious CSR Award


KUALA LUMPUR: Star Media Group’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts were recognised at the CSR Awards 2017.

The media group emerged as the Company of The Year in the award’s print media category, thanks to the commitment to social welfare shown by Star Foundation, the group’s charitable arm.

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Marketing 3.0: The Rise of Purpose-Driven Social Brands [Infographic]


Welcome to the customer-driven economy, where the good a company does is increasingly becoming its defining competitive advantage. While CSR, cause-marketing, and sustainability might have seemed like nice-to-dos just a few years ago, articulating how your brand brings its core values to life is now critical in terms of the reputational, employee productivity and bottom line benefits– or liabilities- to your company.

It’s no longer good enough to just “have a social media presence.” 

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4 Companies Leading The Next Wave Of Profit With Purpose

Will one be the next Toms or Warby Parker?




The social innovation model looked something like this: charities and government departments delivered the programs that addressed social needs and gaps. Companies supported them through corporate citizenship programs. Philanthropists (individual and foundations) measured and evaluated programs’ effectiveness, providing further funding accordingly.

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