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Manga Rani from Rajahmundry makes videos for her class so that learning becomes fun and easy

Manga Rani has more than 44,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. But what she really aspires to learn is animation.

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India takes second place in renewable energy

India is leading the race in renewable energy but is still expected to become the largest coking coal importer by

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Meet the man who has buried, cremated over 10,000 unclaimed bodies in Jharkhand

RANCHI: Mohammed Khalid has been serving the society silently for the last 14 years by cremating and burying unclaimed dead

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Cutting social media use to 30 mins per day significantly reduces depression and loneliness

Who would have thought that endlessly comparing your life to others would make you feel bad? Prior research has shown

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These Hubballi students’ project will generate electricity from vehicles and with rainwater on highways

Prime Minister Narendra Modi claims that all villages in India now have access to electricity. But the facts tell us

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Climate change has become one of the biggest talking points in the world at the moment. India is also doing

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Guinness World Records recognises ‘novel step’ of Bilaspur cops aimed towards women empowerment

In reciprocation to the gesture, the police force in Bilaspur, about 125 km east of Raipur, promised to ensure their

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Green buildings in Mumbai may get up to 20 per cent discount on property tax

MUMBAI: Certified green buildings in Mumbai could soon get up to 20 per cent discount on property tax as per


This Indomitable Woman Didn’t Let Patriarchy, Sexual Abuse Or Multiple Sclerosis Defeat Her!

Managing trustee of Swarga Foundation, Swarnalatha is paving the way for other people with varying forms of disability embrace their