Anmol Rodriguez: Acid attack survivor at two months, model and inspiration at 23


Two-month-old Anmol Rodriguez was being breastfed by her mother when her father doused both of them with acid. Anmol lost an eye but survived.


Anmol Rodriguez was two months old when her father doused her with a can of acid. He wanted to kill her as he preferred a male child. Her mom, who was breastfeeding her then, succumbed but Anmol survived, although she had to undergo treatment for the next five years. Due to the intensity of her injuries, she ended up losing one eye and being permanently disfigured.


Fast forward 23 years later and Anmol is full of life and happiness, running an NGO to help other acid attack survivors. She is also a model and aspiring actor with more than one lakh Instagram followers. 

But all this did not come easy to Anmol, who was brought up in an orphanage in Mumbai. Making friends or even mingling with kids her age was in itself a struggle in the initial days.

Talking about those days to the Daily Mail, she said, “I was too young and never understood why I looked different from others at the hospital. But when I came to the orphanage I realised children were different than me. While no one hated me, initially they were scared of my face. Gradually, as we grew older, I made many friends. But outside the orphanage, it was always difficult.”

Throughout her college days, Anmol was known for her acute sense of fashion. Using that as her strength, she started modelling for some YouTube channels and Instagram pages. She also made her debut recently in a short film. Her aim is to become the first commercial acid attack survivor model. However, her dreams don’t end there. 

I want to become the first commercial acid attack survivor model who can not just promote fashion but also spread awareness that acid does not end life. Acid can only change our face but not ruin our soul. We are the same inside out and we should accept who we are and live our lives happily,” she said.

Staying true to her words, the NGO founded by her – Acid Survivor Sahas Foundation – aims at providing counselling and employment opportunities to victims of acid attacks, to enable them to take care of their needs.

Anmol had to recently quit her job because her co-workers did not want to see a disfigured face every day. She is also trolled often on social media for her looks. But she does not let it bother her and instead chooses to stay happy and keep inspiring people around her. 

Article Credit : NewIndianExpress

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