About Us

A Business Advisory, Media, Training and e-commerce platform

Sound & Light Social Ventures (SLSV) was founded in 2013 with the aim to help organisations grow exponentially.

SLSV organizational structure & verticals are developed keeping in mind the 3Ps and our advice to our clients is also based on this key principle. 

At SLSV, we recognise the PARADIGM shift of today’s times and present solutions for our clients which are ahead of times and can bring about transformational change to the business. Click here for more.

‘Doing Good’ is the core principle that guides us as an organization and is also the key point while interacting with our clients and the external world. Click here for more.

The Founding Team consists of new media evangelist, thought leader, business strategist, technology collaborator, start up mentor and advisor. The over all experience of the founding team & advisory board is close to 100 years. Click here for more.

We have collaborated with some of the leading names in their respective area of business to give our customers the best service and solutions. Click here for more.


For more information contact: business@soundnlight.in