Guinness World Records recognises ‘novel step’ of Bilaspur cops aimed towards women empowerment

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In reciprocation to the gesture, the police force in Bilaspur, about 125 km east of Raipur, promised to ensure their safety 24×7.

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RAIPUR: Guinness Book of World Records has recognised the Bilaspur district police chief in Chhattisgarh as ‘officially amazing’ for forging a bond between the police and women, a move which is called a novel step towards women empowerment.

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan on August 25, the district police chief championed a unique campaign where women were encouraged to build their confidence vis-a-vis the police and repose more trust in them.

In reciprocation to the gesture, the police force in Bilaspur, about 125 km east of Raipur, promised to ensure their safety 24×7.

Called #Rakhiwithkhaki, the campaign saw over 50,000 women reposing their trust in the police by clicking selfies with the personnel and posting them on social media. The campaign was spearheaded by district police chief Arif H Shaikh.

“Under the leadership Shaikh, we drew a record number of selfies in 10 hours through this initiative. This a novel step towards women empowerment by forging a bond between police and women to address the problems of sexual exploitation, eve teasing and domestic violence”, the Guinness World Record certificate, issued to the district SP, in recognition for his accomplishment, stated.

The campaign met with spectacular success, as 50,033 selfies were posted in the social media, a new world record, dwarfing the one earlier held by Samsung, which drew 13,698 selfies in 12 hours during a campaign in Johannesburg.

“The idea was to convey to the women that the police always remain with you,” Shaikh said.

The event then turned out to be a spectacular success with 50033 selfies uploaded creating a new world record surpassing the one held earlier by Samsung company that created maximum selfie images of 13698 taken in 12 hours at Johannesburg in South Africa.

In every school, college, public places and community the massive outreach through portraying women of all age groups clicking selfies with the police constables and officials.The police in the process effectively entered into the contact list of all women who posted selfies and opened up a way for direct and stronger bond of affiliation.

“The occasion had gone beyond its symbolism and equally inspired our force to ensure on keeping the people around us safe and protected. Our objective was to inculcate the perception among women of better, safer and happier place to live. The idea was to convey that the police always remain with you and for you”, Shaikh told the Express.

Every policeman associated with the campaign were deeply moved and encouraged by the recognition they got for their roles and efforts

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Green buildings in Mumbai may get up to 20 per cent discount on property tax

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MUMBAI: Certified green buildings in Mumbai could soon get up to 20 per cent discount on property tax as per a proposal being considered by the municipal corporation to incentivise environment-friendly buildings.

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Officials said the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), the civic body of the country’s most expensive property market, is discussing the proposal with Indian Green Building Council that envisages a discount on property tax paid by developers and residents, and aims to boost demand for eco-friendly and energy-conserving structures. 


“This will work for sure. We are currently discussing with the MCGM the quantum of discount to be offered to residents and developers of green buildings. The civic body is serious about this proposal and its expected impact,” S Raghupathy, executive director of Indian Green Buildings Council . 


Raghupathy said there are examples of civic and state bodies like those in Noida, Chandigarh and West Bengal, where construction of green buildings is encouraged through additional floor space index of 5-10 per cent and the measure has worked well in these regions. Floor space index refers to permissible development of any plot of land. An email query sent to MCGM remained unanswered till late evening on Tuesday. 

A green or sustainable building involves a structure and process of constructing the structure that is resource-efficient and environmentally responsible throughout a building’s life cycle from design, construction and operations to maintenance. 
According to the Indian Green Building Council, green real estate in India has grown from 20,000 sq ft in 2003 to over 3 billion sq ft of registered and certified projects in 2015. Of this, Mumbai alone accounts for 20 per cent, or 600 million square feet, of green projects without any incentives offered by the government. 

Green office spaces account for 200 million square feet in India, primarily in the 10 major cities. A typical 100,000 sq ft green office building saves the occupier Rs 30-40 lakh in a year on energy alone, said Rajat Malhotra, COO -integrated facilities management (West Asia) at JLL India. Savings in water could be close to half this amount, he said. 

Green offices are 20-30 per cent more efficient in the use of water and energy than conventional offices, said Malhotra. However, rentals are 2-3 per cent higher for green offices, he said, citing a study conducted in seven major cities. 

Article Credit: ET
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